Our School

Our Academics

Our unique curriculum aims to cultivate a love of learning and deep appreciation for nature, community, and the world around us. PHSSA's curriculum features:

  • hands-on environmental learning and inspiration in our neighboring Forest Hill and James River Parks and in our amazing gardens
  • interdisciplinary approach to teaching all subjects
  • emphasis on environmental science as a core subject
  • integrated classroom academics with art instruction - arts are woven throughout instruction
  • sustained learning through progressive year-round calendar and a low student-teacher ratio

The integrated curriculum at PHSSA is grounded in the Virginia state SOLs.  All subjects - language arts, math, social studies, science, and the arts - are taught through authentic connections.

Our Staff

Come meet our lovely staff!


PHSSA is a public school, operating under a charter, through a lottery process open to all elementary aged children in the Richmond Public School District. As a public charter school, PHSSA adheres to many of the Richmond Public Schools (RPS) policies and procedures for open enrollment facilities.


Our Core Values

       Every person is worthy and valued.


We take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes.


We foster an environment where all ideas are valid.


We promote acting with the courage and strength to celebrate and give attention to others.

  Environmental Stewardship

We respect and actively protect Earth's resources.


We strive to give each student the space and tools they need to succeed.


We respect the gifts and capabilities of each member of our community.


We act with impartiality, fairness and justice.


We seek to include people from all backgrounds in our community.

(School Planning Management Team)

PHSSA's School Planning and Management Team (SPMT) is part of the organizational management of PHSSA in relationship to the Board of Directors (Board) and the Principal and in accordance with the regulations and practices regarding the function and responsibilities of a management committee as required by the Virginia Charter School Laws, Section 22.1-212.6(B).